Astound Creative is a consultancy that strives to marry creative energy with organisational objectives. With 20-years’ experience in the design and creative industry, Astound Creative knows that effective communication requires effective training for those on the front-line of its application.

Astound Creative has worked with clients in the corporate, not-for-profit, entertainment, education and publishing sectors. Working with such a diverse array of stakeholders, Astound have developed an acute awareness of the challenges of facilitating the creation and application of effective design and communication.

Founded on the belief that inclusive professional development is intrinsic to producing effective design solutions, Astound Creative helps you work towards a seamless connection between your organisation’s creative energy and best organisational outcomes.

It’s about the process

At Astound Creative, a finished design solution isn’t the only objective. Rather, Astound prides itself on listening to your organisation’s needs, offering advice on how creative outcomes can best be achieved, and collaborating with your workforce to transform visions into realities.

Astound Creative prides itself on strengtheneing the bonds between designers and stakeholders, producing creative outcomes that both educates your workforce and benefits your organisation. Whether it be educating your teams on how to effectively channel creative energy, or how to use design in a way that facilitates good communication, a finished product and a team that’s both assisted in its creation and is competent in its application is what Astound Creative strives to achieve.