Various practices and processes which come under the banner of ‘design thinking’ are currently very popular in industry, the public sector and within education. As a result, there is an ever-growing industry that offers these services.

Astound Creative uses the practices, experience and research from over 20 years of professional experience in the communication design industry. As such, it is an industry informed approach, which is applied to problem solving, organisational effectiveness and is drawn from professional practice-based research.

At a time where outsourcing creative energy is becoming increasingly popular and relied upon by businesses, Astound believes a organisation’s greatest asset is its staff on hand. Because Astound Creative believes everyone is capable of design thinking.

Bringing design thinking and creative mentorship to your door, Astound offers both short and long-term partnerships promoting professional development, whereby an idea is worked through in-house and a solution is reached with the collaboration of your own team.

Ultimately, Astound believes any disconnect between the creation and application of design can be avoided by choosing to educate rather than outsource.

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