Coca-Cola and design

Chapter abstract on design and Coca-Cola from a forthcoming book ‘Decoding Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola wave shape remains an informative aspect of the company’s core design elements – the script logo and contour bottle shape – and underpins most aspects of the visual design of the company’s branding and advertising. Coca-Cola’s constant leveraging of its communication past owes much to the success of two core branding design elements: the script logo and the contour bottle shape. The use of these visual elements – logos, typefaces, identifying symbols, and colours – by Coca-Cola sits within the broader context of the historical and contemporary practice of using core graphical elements for both corporate identity and retail branding. In drawing on these heritage design elements, the typeface has become embedded in Coca-Cola’s ongoing design narrative, keeping the company’s visual legacy alive through a subtle, yet ubiquitous, manifestation that aligns with their wider strategy of brand unification and standardisation.

Coca-Cola and design | chapter in Google Books

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